To say I am bad at updating my website would be a huge understatement. I have promised time and time again to get on it and every time I sit down to update the site I question who cares? That being said this website was suppose to be just about documenting my musical journey. With 2019 coming up quickly I have been wondering and pondering what is next for me as a musician. As True Crime Garage grows I have more and more opportunities musically but also less time. Currently I am waiting on new gear for my new studio. I will be (I promise) posting about creating a very creative space for me to work in. 

Recently I got back from playing a couple dates with the Nathan Whitt Band. Never fails that you end up learning about yourself when traveling and mentally creating list after list of what you need to work on. Time? Even with less time I do believe we all have enough time for things we truly want in our lives. So I have been waiting on gear when there is still so much I can work on. Can you tell I am hard on myself?

5 tunes are written for the next St. Patrick project which recording will start this December. Again I promise to update and post about the process and progress. You can listen to the first 2 records on Apple Music if you haven't heard it. 

When I know more about my pondering of 2019 goals I will let you know. Thank you so much for following my journey, telling friends and sharing on social media. Means the world. Cheers Mate